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The right material can take your message to the next level.

Corrugated Plastic

This lightweight, fade resistant material is great for outdoor advertising that needs to last. Even in the face of inclement weather, corrugated plastic won’t show signs of wear and is an inexpensive alternative to PVC and Styrene.

Where it excels: Outdoor display signs and A-frames


Thanks to vinyl’s durability, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. This material is the most popular choice for banners amongst our customers, with colors appearing more vibrant than on other banner material, like mesh. Vinyl can also be used for printed self-adhesive vinyl stickers and car decals. The vinyl used in these products gives the images a high resolution look and the adhesive easily adheres to surfaces without being impossible to remove once they’re no longer wanted.


Aluminum is a rigid material designed to weather any weather, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s often used for real estate, parking, and road signs thanks to its robust nature.


ACM, or aluminum composite material, is everything that aluminum is— with a few caveats. While less durable than aluminum, ACM is lighter and has a more print receptive surface, making colors appear more vibrant. Just like aluminum it’s often used for real estate, parking and road signs.


Gatorplast is a lightweight material consisting of foam sandwiched between a styrene skin. It’s more durable than Foamcore, but as a result comes at a higher cost.


Foamcore is a low-cost alternative to Gatorplast, and is used as an affordable way to print vibrant images. Unlike Gatorplast, which has a matte finish, this lightweight, rigid material is comprised of foam sandwiched between semi-gloss paper, giving it a more polished look.


Acrylic is a lightweight, fade resistant material with a smooth surface that has a bit of a sheen to it. Many of our customers like to use this material when printing logos and other branded signs for their offices due to image clarity and the glossy, reflective finish.

Pall Board

Pall Board is a type of PVC that looks great for high end signs, giving prints a nicer, more elegant look to them than regular PVC. Whereas regular PVC is textured, Pall Board is perfectly smooth.


PVC is a rigid material best used when you want high end signs and prints, like those appearing in display windows and at point-of-purchase. PVC is more textured and a bit less refined than Pall Board. Styrene This thin, lightweight, flexible material is good for parking passes, bag tags, point-of-purchase signs, and in places where PVC just won’t fit.